BlackBerry in Top 3 of the Most Exciting Brands of 2015

If you think BlackBerry is dying, rethink before you make a fool of yourself! Economic Times have released their Top 100 list of the most exciting brands of 2015 and BlackBerry holds the 3rd spot in mobile category beating Microsoft, HTC, Sony and all uncountable other Android vendors. Brand Samsung and Apple leads but not for away!


The new BlackBerry 10 smartphones running the latest BlackBerry 10 OS is one unique and solid platform. If this news amazes you, it’s better you see BlackBerry as an individual. There are indeed tons of Androids everywhere in India, catering from prices 1,000 – 60,000, they still run the same operating system and offer equal possibilities with some design tweaks. It’s completely false to compare cheaper (or even higher) Android smartphones with a BlackBerry as it runs totally different operating system offering a lot more than the competition. So think deeply before making any silly price statements. Watch our recent BlackBerry Leap review video to learn more about BlackBerry 10 OS.

Top 100 of the Most Exciting Brands of 2015 is pictured below.

ET_most-exciting-brandsSource: ET

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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