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Review: BlackBerry Leap – A Productive Mobile to Boost your Pace

When BlackBerry changed its view to become a serious contender in mobile space, they didn’t choose to follow others footsteps but created a whole new path to success. With the same ideology comes the new BlackBerry Leap smartphone for those young entrepreneurs who like to be productive and want to stay ahead, always. This new phone is an all-touch device with a 5″ HD display and a large battery to keep you running the whole day without hugging walls.

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The BlackBerry Leap is a solidly built device, and the moment you hold it, you realize the importance of such a handset in today’s mid-range market. The phone couples its productivity with the new version of BlackBerry 10 OS that offers the best communication experience under the most secure platform. It’s not just another smartphone with apps to keep you entertained all day – it’s a device for those who want the perfect work-play balance. With tons of remarkable pre-installed apps and features like BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Assistant along with its unique gesture based experience, the Blackberry Leap is the best deal you can find to take you to the next level.


The phone is designed with leaders in mind. The complete glass front not just makes it look appealing but also delivers a confidence of robust nature. The rubberized back blending from sides gives a great feel while its thickness of 9.5mm makes it comfortable in hands. It has 16GB of flash memory storage which can be expanded up to 128GB using a micorSD memory card. The Leap sports 2MP fixed focus front and 8MP auto focus rear cameras and captures decent pictures on the move. It is definitely not the best camera phone out there but it doesn’t really have to be one.

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The battery life has been surprisingly good for a 2800mAh sized battery. It could be the tweaks BlackBerry has done with the hardware or it could be the new software which also features battery saving mode which gives an outstanding longer life at critical times. It made it through a day easily with some left till bed time. The only drawback to state about this device is the absence of NFC. Though, we don’t have any NFC payment systems in India, it would still help in other areas like sharing files and reading NFC tags which we have so many tagged around at our workplace.



If you are looking for a phone that holds a priority of communication, productivity over social errors, BlackBerry Leap is easily the best smartphone you can get in its price range. It gets you in action right out of the box and gives you the best mobility experience against all the competitors.

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  1. hello sir. using bb8520 last 4 years . waiting for midrange bb phone to change over. was waiting for leap. request revert on following queries. the processer seems dated , can it handle multiple communications emails, messages ?. is it 4g compatible with india networks. does it have 3g.

    • You won’t be disappointed with the performance of its dual core processor. It handles everything smoothly and yes it does support 3G and 4G. Not sure what bands indian network will use for 4G. It’s not yet introduced but I think it should work without any issues.

  2. Sir I have bought blackberry leap 10 days ago and I have noticed that my phone heats up when browse Uc browser or whats app and my battery performance is not well as the company promised for 25 hour of heavy use so kindly suggest me your best thank you

  3. But I have not downloaded any sideloaded apps all I have downloaded from blackberry world and only Uc browser from amazon Appstore however my battery till last only 7 hour in normal use

  4. Hi shahriyar, I wanted to know why there is so much delay in upgrading the blackberry apps……..even the Facebook doesn’t have much features to use it, utility apps such as Paytm doesn’t work fine…….why it takes so much time to upgrade these apps……

  5. Hi,
    I have been a great fan of BB. I am now looking to buy myself a new BB device. I kind of like the Z30 but then its a little dated I believe. Don’t like the much recent Leap. The retailers are not optimistic about the brand anymore or the after sales support and only help to confuse you. But do you think I can go with the Z30 or is it advisable to go only with the latest?

  6. hello sir, i wanted to know whether i can use 4g services in Blackberry Leap or not. I am a Airtel Subscriber and currently residing in mumbai. Airtel uses 23oo MHz band spectrum for 4g services, where blackberry leap doesn’t support 2300 MHz band. So does this mean i cannot avail 4g services in Blackberry Leap?

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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