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Do you play Clash of Clans? Here’s how to sign into Google+ and Save your progress

Clash of Clans is currently the most popular game on smartphones right now & if you are using a BlackBerry 10, you should know that it works perfectly well on every BlackBerry 10 device. The only (and a big) drawback is saving your progress! Though, performing a local backup does the job when switching to BlackBerry to BlackBerry but its always better to have it saved over the cloud to avoid any loss. Connecting to Google+ on a BlackBerry would never be possible without Cobalt’s efforts. So the whole credit of this guide goes to him!

Here’s what you need to do:

Files to Download (Download directly on your BlackBerry)

Google Account Manager
Blackberry Google ID

Google Play Services

Google Play Games

Clash of Clans (modded)

How To Install

  • Download and install all apks listed above.
  • Run Blackberry Google ID and then do a check-in.
  • Run Google Play Games to check your Google account information.
  • Download Clash of Clans modded apk (link above) and upgrade your game if already playing or just install it fresh if you are not. (If you already have updated Clash of Clans to the latest Android version, you will have to wait for another update and patch it then upgrade).
  • In game, tap on Google+ Sign in button in settings to link it with your Google Play Games account and you’re done!


If you want to learn how to patch Google+ dependent apps, head over to Cobalt’s patching thread here.

For FAQs or any query, head over to the original Cobalt’s thread here.

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  1. I can’t believe, I believe in you!!! and i lost my castle in my Z10! playgin 7 months ago.

    When you install clash of clans modded appears error and delete it the game, to isntall a new. I hate you i lost my castle.

  2. pls give us latest patched apk.. which new version came today of COC.. and on 1mobile market it shown update and after update its not installing coz using cobalt”s modded apk. so wat to do now?? cant play game now.. pls pls anyone help here.. i think cobalt or shahriyar ali can help on this… waiting for reply..

  3. first you can install the apk of the latest version install it. then open cobalt’s luckypatcher you will see that coc is install click it open menu of patches the click on something that reads : license verification. then unselet auto mode and click remove dependencies(google dependencies). now click rebuild. it will take time so have patience. after it finished uninstall coc then install it from the modified foldeer of luckypatcher. to install open file manager then open misc then android then lucky patcher the modified then clash of clnas then you can install it. enjoy

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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