‘Prague’ could be BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone

No! BlackBerry is not going to abandon its professional BlackBerry 10 OS. Instead, the company might step into Android warfare with this rumored ‘Prague’ smartphone with a parallel business plan. Earlier this year, BlackBerry announced to deliver its professional tools to fellow competitors with upcoming BlackBerry Experience Suite and an Android phone could be the perfect way to start the same. 

As per to rumors, the ‘Prague’ will be a mid-tier smartphone running the latest Android OS. We won’t be surprised to see some fine BlackBerry tweaks overall including the BlackBerry Experience Suite pre-installed. The phone is said to be an all-touch device, similarly designed to Z3, and may launch as soon as August this year. If you’re a BlackBerry fan and just can’t stand this news, it’s better you understand that you are not the target audience the company is chasing for. BlackBerry will continue to make BlackBerry 10 OS phones and have just hinted an upcoming BlackBerry 10.3.3 OS update in their official blog post. In fact, the upcoming BlackBerry ‘Venice’ slider phone is reported to run BlackBerry’s own operating system.

Android is currently leading the smartphone market and BlackBerry could get a fine stake especially in the mid range division where Android holds the most consumers. Hopefully we will hear more on this officially on Monday when BlackBerry deliver its quarter earnings and share its future projects.


Source: N4BB

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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