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BlackBerry partners with Google to bring secured Android

“We may be going after the same customer base, but we’re not enemies. You can be friends and compete — like athletes,”

– John Chen, BlackBerry CEO

Back in April, John Chen shared a very thoughtful liner in an interview with CNN quoted above. The unfortunate hardware business have been declining steadily past few years for BlackBerry but thanks to BES12 service, the software side significantly raised past few quarters. 

Today, BlackBerry and Google announced new enterprise partnership to integrate with Google Play for Work, with increased focus on application management. This could also be a step further in making Android full secured as BlackBerry wants it to be. This move is a big win for both parties as Google will finally get a pass to enter the huge enterprise market (which they cannot enter due to lack of security) while BlackBerry gets the goodness of droid along its huge Google services bounded audience.

From BlackBerry:

New features are now available through Android and BES12 that enable organizations to further secure enterprise and personal data on Android devices, set new levels of hardware based encryption, and ensure tight integration with Google Play™ for Work, for increased application management, while delivering a consistent end-user and management experience across their Android fleet.

Does this confirm Android powered BlackBerry smartphone rumors? No! But you shouldn’t be surprised to see one in near future. BlackBerry will unveil more clear vision on this partnership soon. Till then, you can sign up for direct updates on BlackBerry’s website linked below.

BlackBerry + Android for Work


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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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