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BlackBerry Passport running Android Lollipop caught on Video

Rumors getting stronger day by day and after several spotting of upcoming BlackBerry Venice running Android, here we have a video of the recently released BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android Lollipop OS!

Though the device shown in the video could just be a test unit, but BlackBerry is definitely re-engineering Android by adding the support for square screens, implementing BlackBerry Passport’s keyboard mechanism and injecting its own apps as a part of BlackBerry Experience Suite.

Securing Android isn’t an easy task as many tried and failed to do so but looks like BlackBerry has found a way to fill the loopholes. BlackBerry and Google has been working very closely for ‘Android for Work’ programme and rumors state that the upcoming BlackBerry slider will be the first device which will be powered by Android and secured by BlackBerry.

So where does this all lead? … Nowhere! No rumor is trustworthy and we look forward to hear from BlackBerry on these weird arrivals.


Source:  4GNews vis CB

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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