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[PICS] BlackBerry Venice spotted running Android with BlackBerry 10 bits

While we still await for confirmation from BlackBerry, the leaks have ppresumably confirmed Android OS powered upcoming BlackBerry slider smartphone. As stated, the phone slides out a full typical BlackBerry keyboard with beautiful large curved screen and speaker grill beneath. The physical keyboard is also said to be touch capacitive as seen on BlackBerry Passport which will leverage navigation, predictive typing and much more right from the keyboard. 

Though it runs Android OS, BlackBerry as expected will add their own services on it like the native BlackBerry 10 calendar app, contacts app and even clock app which is designed similar in the picture posted above(alarm icon below clock).

Looks like BlackBerry has finally filled the gaps to secure Android and is ready to launch the platform in public with this Venice codenamed smartphone. Nevertheless, it’s still a leaked image; nothing can be confirmed until it’s out by BlackBerry.

Source: Techrum via CB

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  1. We don.t need Android OS in Blackberry. We just need few Android Apps. That’s it. We are using BlackBerry just bcos of its Os and its features with Hub. Please don’t release Venice with pure shit Android. BlackBerry is a brand not only for its device, but also for it OS. Please make Android as an option. Dont change completely.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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