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Video: John Chen talks about Privacy vs Public safety with Data sharing policy

“We DO NOT send any data to anybody. We actually don’t keep any data and content.”

Earlier this week, BlackBerry CEO John Chen made some serious statements on his blog post about privacy, security and how BlackBerry helps the Governments by sharing data for the benefit to public safety. The post created a fuzz about security concerns the company talks for decades and have been framed as “weak” in several channels globally. But Chen stands on his words and explains us how and to what extent BlackBerry shares its users data with the Government to keep the ever raging society in peace by plotting safety margins. However, BlackBerry fails to decrypt its own encryption of messages and calls but will provide details like location, information surrounding the suspects, tracking activities etc. to aid the officials for tracking suspects. Watch the interview prepared by Bloomberg below to learn more.

“If a Government provide us a Court Order and Subpoena to start certain activities of (suspected) people, we will do so at that moment and time the court order and subpoena is served.”


(click here if you are unable to view the video above)

We surely are living in an era of morale error and terrifying activities every single day. But do you think BlackBerry is making a right move by providing such information to the Governments? We think so! Share your thoughts in comments below.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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