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BlackBerry launches PRIV smartphone in India!

BlackBerry Priv, the company’s first ever Android based smartphone makes its way to India! The PRIV has a retro slider form-factor bolted with BlackBerry security to offer a unique experience against any other Android slabs out there. The combination of authentic BlackBerry touch capacitive physical keyboard, legendary security, streamlined communications and productivity, combined with the wide world of Google Play™ store apps makes the PRIV the most promising smartphone till date. PRIV by BlackBerry will be available in stores across India from 30th January with a price tag of Rs. 62,990!

It has been engineered with the world’s finest technology, and packaged in an ultra-thin, ergonomically perfect device with a keyboard hidden by SmartSlide technology. 

– Stunning 5.4” dual-curved screen
– Long lasting 3410 mAh battery
– Choice of touch and physical keyboards
– Schneider-Kreuznach® certified camera
– Extraordinary audio quality

PRIV also introduces the exclusive DTEK™ by BlackBerry warning system app to provide you with the power of privacy.


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  1. When a myriads of Android” Free for all” devises are available out in the market, I do not think the price is a matter of concern for something safe, secure and classic. My only concern is the reliability of the sliding mechanism. If BB has got over this problem, I am sure the physical keyboard Android with BB security is going to stand out.

  2. This will really be a best joke in the Android world. Blackberry you just did it. Wow what a price. Killer Price seriously. I was expecting it to be 2lakh. I am sure with the present price blackberry will make a record of sales by selling 63 PRIV’s.

  3. Bunch of idiots are sitting top with BlackBerry Marketing side. Plain idiots. Which fool on this earth will buy an Android for this tag? BlackBerry us making mockery of all. This company is doomed to be a failure. Hell with this company. Unfortunately I’m posting this message from my loved BlackBerry Z30.

    • Ya dude. I bought a Z10 3yrs back for 45K and with all the software bugs I managed to love it. Now 63K is costly love affair man.
      What I don’t understand is when it is only 45k in USA, UAE and Singapore why is it 63 in india. I don’t think the tax is soo much for importing.
      My Z10 after soo many bugs never gave this level of disappointment.

  4. BlackBerry gone made with the price tags, either BlackBerry do not want indians (one of the largest group of cell users on the earth) to adopt BlackBerry again or the Indian incharge of the company may not getting enough buks to do job correctly.

  5. They had almost 70% of smartphone market and lost it to iPhone & android. BBM was the most popular message app before WhatsApp. I use a Z10 and it is still the best phone OS. I already have an android and it is terrible. So i guess we have to put up with a has been Co that makes great phones and is really bad at marketing them.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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