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BlackBerry will continue to support BlackBerry 10. Another Android-based phone in making

Is BlackBerry 10 dying?… Not really! Though BlackBerry is leaning towards Android currently, the company is still committed to its in-house software production. In a blog post today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen clears the doubt of many tech experts who think the Android based BlackBerry PRIV smartphone is the nail in the coffin of BlackBerry 10. In reality, the chairman is thinking to release more than just one software update to keep BlackBerry 10 powered smartphones running.

As announced previously, BlackBerry will release a 10.3.3 OS update this year to certify for NIAP compliance to make the phones pass the strictest government-grade security tests to date. Moreover, the company is committing to serve further updates as well if new insecurity evolves in the world of technology.

Apart from BlackBerry 10 roadmap, the company will continue its race in Android world by releasing another phone this year which will be unveiled sometime in the second quarter of 2016. Read more on this by click the link below.

BlackBerry PRIV will launch in India next month.

Commitment to BlackBerry 10 at CES 2016 >>

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  1. Ohh, thank god. BTW I wanted to ask shariyar Ali, that what has motivated u to be so faithful to a brand that lost its way, but u still keep the website up and running. BTW love u guys. Hope one day BlackBerry reemerges.

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