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BlackBerry tells how it secures Android OS & why rooting is disabled

Since day one of transition to Google’s operating system, security was highest priority for BlackBerry to implement on Android. Security and privacy is in the DNA of BlackBerry and the company hasn’t compromised any of the two with its new PRIV smartphone. From hardware to software checkpoints, BlackBerry PRIV bolts the loopholes of Android malware with perfection. 

Later last night, BlackBerry highlighted few details on how it integrated security and privacy features into PRIV.

BlackBerry Integrity Detection

Priv by BlackBerry comes with built-in BlackBerry Integrity Detection, which continuously monitors for events or configuration changes that could compromise the security of the device. This includes:

  • Checking the integrity of the kernel on device bootup
  • Checking for unauthorized changes to the SELinux policy
  • Monitoring file system mounting permissions
  • Ensuring that unauthorized apps don’t acquire escalated privileges
  • Disabling security-sensitive applications such as path trust

BlackBerry Integrity Detection uses an application in the BlackBerry Secure Compound to provide a trust anchor and generate integrity reports. These reports are digitally signed with ECC-256 and backed by a certificate that chains up to a BlackBerry Certificate Authority, allowing third-party Enterprise Mobility Management solutions and monitoring apps to verify their authenticity. BlackBerry Integrity Detection integrates seamlessly with the new Good Secure EMM Suites and BES12, allowing IT administrators to monitor for rooted and jailbroken devices. If a potential compromise is detected, administrators can configure alerts, prevent the device from accessing the corporate network, or even remotely wipe the device. You can also verify BlackBerry Integrity Detection yourself through the preloaded DTEK app – simply look for the green checkmark beside “Operating system integrity.”

The complete post on Inside BlackBerry has more points on the same so please do check it out by hitting the link below. And our review of PRIV by BlackBerry will go online next week when we thoroughly test the device and state our honest opinion on it.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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