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Blending to Android: QuickPic Gallery

As we love almost every stock app BlackBerry had delivered to BlackBerry 10, we will personally cherry-pick the best alternatives on Android platform to make your blending stage easy. 

Today, we show you the best alternative to BlackBerry 10’s Photos and Videos apps. The PRIV comes with Android’s own Photos app pre-installed but it sucks to the core. However, we found a great alternative to handle all your photos and videos with QuickPic Gallery app for Android. QuickPic is 90% smaller than other gallery apps, but packs more power than any of them, making it the best alternative Android gallery app.

View thousands of your photos instantly in a high quality slideshow, and customize the folders you wish to include and exclude for more efficient scanning.


? CM Cloud: Super-fast back up and restoring speed! Secure data transfer (SSL) and storage (256-AES) on Amazon S3 servers.


? Storage Support: Supports multiple online album services, including Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, Yandex, 500px, OwnCloud, Samba and more. You can even auto back up your photos to your specified cloud or computer with Samba sharing.


? Moments: Group your photos by time and location.


? Privacy: Easily hide or exclude your private photos and videos from all gallery apps and protect them with a password.


? Motion: Play GIFs and videos.


? Customize Photos: Internal picture editor which allows you to rotate, shrink, crop, and set as your wallpaper with the best quality.


? File Management: Powerful file management features, including sort, rename, create new folders, moving/copying data and more.


? File Transfer: Transfer your files between multiple devices via Wi-Fi without mobile data


Download QuickPic Gallery >>

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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