BlackBerry is rumored to launch ‘Anti-Hack’ tools for automobiles

Switching to software only led BlackBerry to enhance and innovate in new areas in parallel to smartphones system. The BlackBerry QNX division is already leading its way in automobile industry for providing world-class clusters, and with the rise of IOT (Internet of Things), the vehicles increasingly rely on dozens of computers that connect to each other as well as the internet, mobile networks and Bluetooth communications systems that make them vulnerable to remote hacks. 

Being security in its DNA, BlackBerry is rumored to release a new service to automakers which will remotely scan vehicles for computer viruses and inform drivers to pull over if they were in critical danger, according to financial analyst Gus Papageorgiou, who has followed BlackBerry for more than 15 years. “Although a connected, more software-centric automobile offers tremendous advantages to consumers, it also opens the doors to hackers,” he said in his note.

This service could be launched as soon as next year costing $10 a month. According to Gus, it is being tested by luxury automakers Aston Martin and Range Rover. However, it hasn’t been confirmed by these companies officials yet.

Automaker interest in cyber security has risen dramatically since 2015, when two hacking experts uncovered vulnerabilities in Fiat Chrysler vehicles that led to a U.S. recall of 1.4 million autos. Connected cars is the next big market for BlackBerry as automobile industry is expected to be the most valuable part of IOT.



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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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