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Waiting for KEYone? India may get a different BlackBerry smartphone very soon!

The all new BlackBerry KEYone went on sale almost everywhere in the world except few countries like India and Indonesia. The KEYone is built by one of BlackBerry’s partner TCL who attains the brand rights globally except Indian sub-continent and Indonesia which is the reason we don’t have any news or updates of its launch in India yet.

Moreover, we might never even see KEYone launch officially if regional partners — Indonesia’s BB Merah Putih & India’s Optiemus, halt TCL for their exclusivity. BB Merah Putih launched a regional exclusive BlackBerry Aurora smartphone earlier this year packing a decent specs and a valuable device for its region. On the other hand, Optiemus have made promises to deliver not less than two BlackBerry devices this year. As shared before, one of the two will be a top-tier and the other being a mid-tier handset.

A few weeks ago, PhoneRadar went live with their exclusive on BlackBerry KEYone’s upgraded variant. As per to the article, India will receive an upgraded KEYone with higher RAM and Dual SIM-slots. However, according to our sources, there will be a BlackBerry with 4GB RAM & Dual-SIM slots support but not sure if it will be anything like the KEYone. The phone will be produced by Optiemus and not by TCL — and that makes a whole different story altogether. Will it be the same device with slight changes under the hood? Maybe if Optiemus makes a deal with TCL, or maybe not if Optiemus decides to design a brand new phone from scratch.

Nonetheless, we are excited! It’s always a pleasure to see more and more BlackBerry smartphone models in the market to choose from. Even if these rumors result false, the current BlackBerry KEYone is a remarkable handset to buy. We will get to know more on this mysterious device soon! Maybe as soon as next week 😉

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  1. Hi! I (like many others) am a die-hard BlackBerry fan. I currently use a Classic, but this will get phased out end of this month, as Whatsapp will stop support. In the absence of a good Android device from BlackBerry, I will be forced to get myself something else, much against my wishes. Would you be able to help with a realistic idea if/ when the Keyone (or any similar phone) is really coming to India? Thanks!!

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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