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BBin Creatives: Make Every Key Your Next Move

Title:Make Every Key Your Next Move
Director / Editor: Shahriyar Ali
Assistant Camera: Irfan Intekhab
Production Assistant: Muqaddim Khan / Irfan Intekhab
Music Cover: Javier Bustacara Ruiz
Duration: 15 seconds


Since Day 1, Team BBin has always been creative posting unique still and motion media on our website. Starting from BBin Comics – funny strips covering BlackBerry madness. Then we served BBin Breakfast every morning at 8 to start your day with the latest BlackBerry news and rumors. And when BlackBerry 10 took the lead, we had bunch of BBin Quickies to promote hidden gems of the platform in short tutorial clips. Now with the start of new BlackBerry era, we begin BBin Creatives – covering everything from the past to future creations from our studio.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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