QNX-in-Education: Empowering Future Innovators with Free Software

Empowering the Next Generation of Embedded Systems Engineers: QNX in Education

QNX-in-Education is a unique program that offers students and researchers access to free software and tools. QNX is committed to supporting education and research in the field of embedded computing, and this program is a testament to that commitment. With QNX-in-Education, students and researchers can hone their skills, develop new technologies, and become the innovators of tomorrow.

QNX, a leader in embedded computing, has been at the forefront of technological innovation for over three decades. They owe their success to their unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation. As part of their continued effort to support research, development, and continuing education, QNX has launched QNX-in-Education.

QNX-in-Education is a program designed to provide eligible academic and non-commercial programs with free software. QNX believes that some of the brightest minds are currently working and learning in educational institutions and research labs worldwide. By providing access to QNX software, they hope to empower students and researchers to create the next generation of embedded systems and technologies.

The QNX-in-Education program is available to support:

  • Embedded systems engineering courses
  • Graduate and undergraduate engineering projects
  • Academic research activities

QNX provides full access to their leading software and development tools without any license expiration dates. They also offer courseware, training, and support to academic partners, subject to any applicable fees and additional agreements.

Applying for a non-commercial license for the QNX Software Development Platform and the QNX SDK for Apps and Media is easy. Interested individuals must have a myQNX account to access the application form.

The benefits of QNX-in-Education are twofold. Students and researchers gain access to cutting-edge software, tools, and support, enabling them to learn and work with the latest technologies. QNX, in turn, benefits from the exposure and potential talent pipeline generated by the program.

QNX-in-Education is not just a tool for advancing technology; it is also an investment in the future. By empowering the next generation of innovators, QNX is helping to shape a brighter, more technologically advanced world.

Moreover, the program’s benefits are not just limited to students and researchers. Educational institutions that take advantage of QNX-in-Education gain a competitive edge. They can offer their students access to state-of-the-art software and tools, providing them with a distinct advantage in the job market.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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