BeepBerry: A Mini Linux Computer with Raspberry Pi Boards and a BlackBerry Keyboard

SQFMI Introduces an Open-Source Device for Tech Enthusiasts

SQFMI, the maker of the popular open-source device Watchy, has unveiled its latest creation: the BeepBerry. This innovative gadget combines a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller, a BlackBerry Q20-derived keyboard, and a 2.7-inch display, offering tech enthusiasts a compact and versatile mini Linux computer.

Measuring at just 104 x 74 x 15 mm, the BeepBerry features a Raspberry Pi Zero powered by a 2,000 mAh LiPo battery. SQFMI has incorporated a 2.7-inch LCD display that delivers a resolution of 400 x 200 pixels. The device also boasts a three-row keyboard with backlighting and a small touchpad. While the keyboard may resemble an old BlackBerry, it is actually the Solder Party BB Q20 Keyboard, derived from the BlackBerry Classic model. The BeepBerry operates on Raspberry Pi OS Lite and utilizes a Raspberry Pi RP2040 for keyboard input interpretation.

In addition to its core components, the BeepBerry offers a range of features. These include a MicroSD card slot for expandable storage, three unpopulated 10-pin GPIO headers for custom connections, a programmable RGB LED, and a side button for quick access to functions. The device can be ordered for $79.99 without a Raspberry Pi Zero W but with mounting screws and a LiPo battery. Alternatively, SQFMI provides a bundle that includes the BeepBerry and the Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC) for $99.99. Shipping is expected to begin in August for orders without the Raspberry Pi Zero W and a month later for orders with the SBC included.

The BeepBerry represents an exciting development for tech enthusiasts, offering a compact and feature-rich mini Linux computer that combines the power of Raspberry Pi with the convenience of a BlackBerry keyboard. With its open-source nature, the BeepBerry opens up endless possibilities for customization and experimentation, making it an appealing option for hobbyists, developers, and those seeking a unique computing experience. SQFMI continues to innovate in the open-source space, providing technology enthusiasts with new and exciting devices that push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of computing.

The BeepBerry appeals to a wide range of tech enthusiasts and individuals who value open-source devices and innovative computing solutions. Here are some examples of the kind of people who may use BeepBerry:

  1. Hobbyists and Makers: The BeepBerry offers a compact and versatile platform for hobbyists and makers to explore and experiment with various software and hardware projects. Its open-source nature allows for customization and tinkering, making it ideal for those who enjoy building and creating.
  2. Developers and Programmers: The BeepBerry provides developers and programmers with a portable and affordable Linux-based computer that can be used for coding, testing software applications, and running development environments. Its integration of Raspberry Pi boards offers a familiar environment for software development.
  3. Raspberry Pi Enthusiasts: The BeepBerry caters to enthusiasts of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem. With its compatibility with Raspberry Pi Zero W and RP2040, it allows users to leverage the extensive library of software, projects, and resources available for Raspberry Pi.
  4. Retro-Tech Fans: The inclusion of a BlackBerry Q20-derived keyboard gives the BeepBerry a nostalgic touch, appealing to individuals who appreciate retro technology and the tactile experience of physical keyboards.
  5. Portable Computing Users: Due to its small form factor and built-in battery, the BeepBerry is suitable for users who desire a portable computing solution. It can be used for on-the-go tasks, such as note-taking, light productivity work, or even as a compact media center.
  6. Education and Learning: The BeepBerry can serve as an educational tool for students and learners interested in computer programming, Linux operating systems, and electronics. Its affordability and versatility make it accessible for educational institutions and individuals seeking hands-on learning experiences.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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