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Former BlackBerry Executive Dennis Kavelman Criticizes “BlackBerry” Movie as Inaccurate Portrayal of Company’s Story

Kavelman claims the new movie fails to accurately depict BlackBerry’s rise and fall

Dennis Kavelman, a longtime senior leader at BlackBerry, has shared his views on the newly released BlackBerry movie, stating that it is “not our story”. In his review, Kavelman expressed disappointment with the movie’s portrayal of the company’s history, stating that it failed to accurately capture the spirit of the company and its employees.

Kavelman, who served as BlackBerry’s CFO from 1999 to 2011, took to LinkedIn to share his thoughts on the movie. He acknowledged that while the movie is a dramatization of real events, it does not accurately depict the inner workings of BlackBerry and its employees.

The former executive went on to say that the movie focused too much on the company’s decline and failed to highlight the many successes that BlackBerry achieved over the years. According to Kavelman, BlackBerry was not just a company that created innovative technology, but one that also had a strong culture and a passionate workforce.

Kavelman’s review is a reminder that while the BlackBerry movie may be entertaining, it should not be taken as a definitive account of the company’s history. As Kavelman noted, the true story of BlackBerry is one that cannot be captured in a two-hour movie.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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