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Xperi and BlackBerry QNX Neutrino Real-Time Operating System: Enhancing In-Cabin Sensing Solutions for Improved Safety and Comfort

A Partnership to Provide a Fully Immersive Experience in the Car

Xperi, a global technology company, has partnered with BlackBerry QNX to integrate their Neutrino Real-Time Operating System and computer vision imaging technology into their in-cabin sensing solutions. The goal is to enhance the safety, comfort, and security of passengers in vehicles while providing a fully immersive experience.

BlackBerry QNX has been an interval player in the automotive space since 2009, providing an operating system designed specifically for the automotive platform. Xperi’s partnership with them has been described as smooth, with excellent technical support and fast ramping enough for customer projects.

Xperi is developing Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS) production-ready solutions on top of QNX operating systems. They are targeting automotive platforms such as NXT imxa Qualcomm Renaissance for major OEMs and T1s for the 2526 sector.

Their first combined DMS and OMS solution using a single wide field of view camera targets QNX as the main operating system. Xperi has developed systems for BMW and other car companies that offer state-of-the-art computer vision imaging technology to determine what the driver and passengers are doing in the vehicle to create a safer environment.

The vehicles of the future will be much more personalized, with Xperi’s technologies developed around the idea of personalization and understanding what passengers and drivers are doing, offering them content based on their activities, and continuing to learn from that to offer more specific content that is personalized to the occupants.

Xperi believes that the in-cabin experience will become a true differentiator in the future, and they are looking at it as the first base beyond an in-cabin system. As they create a more immersive experience in the car, they stress the importance of working closely with key partners, such as BlackBerry QNX, to have the right operating system in the car. The partnership with QNX has allowed Xperi to deliver on their offerings and create this more immersive experience for the car industry.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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